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Do you remember the time when your kitchen sink was broken and you needed a plumber urgently?

Or.. do you remember when your main circuit board was sparking and the electrician took hours and numerous calls to come check it?

Perhaps you remember the time when your A.C. needed a servicing and the technician asked for a price that burned a hole in your pocket.

Take a sigh of relief, Mr Sure is here now.


We live in an era where we cannot afford to lose time over looking for people to provide services and wait for them to provide the service. We are provided with quick and excellent services in other industries, be it grocery or taxi services.

The home service industry on the other hand, is still unmanaged and tiresome as it was years back. The non-availability of people, endless calling and requesting to book a service, the risk of getting an inexperienced technician, the varience in cost and many other problems are associated with this.

We at Mr Sure have took up the challenge of eradicating the tiresome procedure and the problems you face for availing these services. Our goal is to provide you the required services at the time of your need, that too at a transparent pricing.

We hope that we will be able to serve you at our best!







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