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5 Reasons to Choose Mr Sure Service

July 26, 2017, 7:34 a.m.

Mr Sure deliver best class home service like Carpentry Service, Plumbing Service, Electrician Service, Home Appliances Repair & Maintenance Service, Pest Control Service, Printer Repair Service, Painters and many more. In Jaipur local market when you have urgently needed a serviceman then you realize, here did not find easily handyman for your home service need. So Mr Sure realize the problem and provide a single platform for all your home needs.

Here we discuss why you choose Mr Sure compare to other service providers.

1. Timing Issue:

Timing is the most appreciate issue in the service field. Without time any service provider did not provide urgent service to the client. When you go to market then realize the market has various shops but not have timely serviceman. So, here we are, our goal is to deliver the service within the time when the customer feels convenient.

2. Price Issue :

Price measure all your aspect and financial need, so when you did your work without Mr Sure than you feel every serviceman have a different price for the same service. Our main motive is transparent price and fixes service cost for particular service. Our team also provide a big discount on time to time for large saving. Mr Sure did not charge any visiting charge if work is not done.

3. Skilled Professional :

You don’t know about your handyman skilled within particular service field because you don’t have enough time to check. Mr Sure check the skilled for your handyman and provide best class serviceman which handle all your home needs. Our serviceman generally has 2 to 30 year experienced in particular service field. We focus only quality of our work.

4. Verified :

Generally, every person wants to our family and property in safe hand but how he can. An unprofessional or unverified handyman may also steal your precious item. When you lose something then you realize the value of certified man. Mr Sure background check each and every person identity proof for further use when something went wrong. Mr Sure also verified the location of our handyman and professional behaviour. If any case our serviceman does not have good behaviour than you can tell our team support when they take service feedback.

5. Reliability : Each and every person wants reliable and effective service to our home but didn’t find a good service provider. When he wants some warranty and next time service on time for the same issue then no one gives a proper answer to satisfy him. Our team gives a 30 days warranty period for particular services which work done by our professionals. Within 30 days the customer has any problem by our given service than service charge are waived-off for that issue. We felt the necessity of home services required at home to make life easy and comfortable. So we are providing services by making the online platform that is easily accessible by our portal. We promptly respond to our customer complaints with full satisfaction to our customer with SAFETY, SECURITY, and SURETY. Our aim is to be easily available and provide services within time frame at lower rates compared to other present service providers. We provide a single platform for all types of home needs by easy booking option by using the WEBSITE, TOLL-FREE number at the time customer feel convenient.

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Energy Saving Tips By Mr Sure

July 28, 2017, 7:06 a.m.

11 Ways of Electricity Saving and Suggestions by Mr Sure Mr Sure provide the best way to save electricity. Electricity saving has the most important issue at this time. Without electricity, we are not able to live comfortably. Massive use of electricity causes Global Warming and a huge bill. Here are 7 tips to save electricity… 1. Use LED Bulbs and Tube lights: Generally, every person didn’t focus on using the regular light bulb and compact fluorescent light (CFL) which consume very high electricity compare to LED, so replacing the light bulb is much effective to save electricity and pocket money. 2. Include Natural Light: Turn off the light when you have natural light source option. Open up your curtains and the sun shine in! .This is the simplest, most common way to save electricity and it really works. Sun light also provide various other medical benefits so keep the habit. 3. Un-Plug Everything: Did you know that appliances and electronics continue sapping electricity as long as they're plugged in, even when their switches are turned off? Making a habit of unplugged these items which consume electricity after turn-off switch. These are Laptop charger, Computer charger, Notebook Charger, Mobile Charger, unplug T.V., Radio, and Sound system, and don’t forget smaller daily use appliance like Toasters, Coffee Makers, hair dryer etc. 4. Wash Clothes Smartly: Do you know ninety percent of the energy used in the washing machine to heat up the water, so by skipping the hot water, you’ll be saving a lot of energy. My personal opinion says if you wash clothes manually than you save lots of energy and pocket money. So use washer when you need otherwise skip. Also! Remember that not to overload clothes or detergent because it can make machine work harder than it needs to. 5. Bath Simply: Each and every person want to live clean but without a bath, it not happened. The simplicity of bathing also saves huge energy. The more hot water you use, the more your water heater has to produce to keep up but our also save energy when we use normal water and less hot water. 6. Use AC on Normal Temperature: Leave the air conditioner off for most of the day, and use it to cool down rooms only when the heat becomes uncomfortable. The low temperature of air conditioner take more energy but if you set average (24’C to 28’ C) than saving lots of energy. 7. Chimney Use Smartly: A person who cook food generally forget the chimney turn-off and also use when chimney necessity is not required when boiling water or other things. If we aware the energy saving tips which given by Mr Sure than we understand the value of resources. Mr Sure Service provides an effective way to save electricity. These are 1. Voltage Controller: It’s a device which controls the voltage fluctuation, whose help to save electronic equipment and high energy use. Normally it saves 5% to 20%electricity uses. When you want to save your electronic stuff, and irritated some voltage issue then install Voltage Controller by Mr Sure. 2. Remove Earthing: Earthing is a way which consumes electricity flow of devices but when goes wrong than huge electricity waste in our home. So remove it by using Mr Sure Service in Jaipur. 3. Fix electricity spark: Sparking is a worst issue in India because 60% of the electrical fault and 30% of the appliances go wrong by this. It’s also consuming high electricity to waste in heat. So if you have Sparking problem nearby than call Mr Sure which fix the problem on time. 4. Suggestion: If you use a good original product than you feel free about the product but when you use a duplicate product then you realize the problem. Mr Sure always suggest our customer the best product which saves energy and money. Mr Sure Service is a best home service platform which provides best services in Jaipur. Mr Sure Services are Electrician, Plumber, Carpenter, Home Appliances Repair & Maintenance, Pest Control, Printer Repair, Painter and many more services with lower market rate. For More Information Visit Our Site: Any Query Feel Free To Call Toll-Free: 18001202393

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